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The Taylor Made Story

Amanda often gets asked two questions.

1. Are you affiliated with the Taylor Made in Mtn. View? 2. Why the name Taylor Made?

1. No, we are not affiliated with Taylor Made Clinic in Mtn View. It is just a coincidence that our names are similar.

2. Taylor Made Health and Wellness is inspired by my family's heritage. My grandmother, Edna (Taylor) Jones was one of my most favorite people in the world. To this day, she is still my hero, and I wanted to honor her for all that she taught me and inspired me to do. She was raised in an era in which she would not have had the opportunities to further her education, or even have a career simply because she was a woman. Her family was her mission, and I am blessed to have had her in my life. In fact, in the exam rooms, there are carved designed in the sheetrock. These are 3-D replicas of the doilies that she crocheted for me. Every time I walk into the exam rooms, I feel like I have a piece of my Granny Edna with me. 

Edna (Taylor) Jones as a young woman (left)

Granny Edna (young).jpeg
Granny Frona & Grandpa Cleve Wedding Day.jpeg

Frona & Cleve Taylor on their Wedding Day

Taylor and Jones Family

Beavers and Killion Family

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